This Day In Baseball: 6 July 2005

Wednesday, July 06 2005 @ 12:01 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

Dime si de veras crees que se pueden
Desviar a los planetas
De una trayectoria de colisión.

The Boston Herald reports that Curt Schilling is not pleased with how his rehab is going. "There are two options - quit or move on. And I'm not quitting. So we'll talk, and we'll decide what we need to do and we'll go from there."

Good news for Baltimore, and they could use some, having lost 12 of their last 15 games. Javy Lopez could be back as soon as the weekend, and Erik Bedard is on schedule to return a week after the All Star Break.

Carl Pavano had an MRI on his shoulder yesterday. Whatever the results, it's never good news when a starting pitcher needs an MRI...

It just doesn't seem likely that the White Sox could possibly lose to Tampa Bay, although they needed a three-run HR from Frank Thomas in the eighth to pull out last night's game. Thomas has 17 hits since returning to action - 10 of them have gone over the fence. The man is throwing back the little ones. His homer last night was the 446th of his career - that's not just more than any other White Sox hitter. It's more than the combined total of the next two guys on the list (Baines and Fisk.)

Josh Beckett left last night's game in the third inning with a strained muscle in his side. He was relieved by Al Leiter, who was making his first relief appearance since October 23, 1993. He was wearing a Blue Jays uniform that night, and he came on in relief of Danny Cox. You might remember that game. Joe Carter hit a big home run...

And on a day when Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux both started, when Esteban Loaiza out-duelled Pedro Martinez, the day's outstanding pitching performance was turned in by Kip Wells. Wells struck out 12 while pitching a four-hit shutout against the Phillies. It was the second shutout of Wells' career, the other coming against the Cubs in May 2002. Jon Lieber was the opposing starter on both occasions. What are the odds?

Wednesday's schedule looks like this:

Minnesota (Santana 7-4, 3.74) at Los Angeles (Byrd 8-5, 3.55) 4:05
Detroit (Bonderman 10-5, 4.12) at Cleveland (Sabathia 6-4, 4.33) 7:05
Oakland (Blanton 5-6, 4.48) at Toronto (Lilly 6-8, 5.89) 7:07
Tampa Bay (Fossum 3-6, 4.04) at Chicago (Contreras 3-5, 4.34) 8:05
Boston (Clement 9-2, 3.82) at Texas (Park 8-2, 5.50) 8:05
Seattle (Sele 6-7, 4.71) at Kansas City (Hernandez 5-9, 4.79) 8:10

Chicago (Prior 5-2, 2.86) at Atlanta (Smoltz 9-5, 2.68) 7:05
New York (Glavine 5-7, 4.95) at Washington (Hernandez 12-2, 3.32) 7:05
Philadelphia (Padilla 3-8, 6.96) at Pittsburgh (Redman 4-7, 3.72) 7:05
Milwaukee (Ohka 5-4, 3.71) at Florida (Burnett 5-5, 3.18) 7:05
San Diego (Peavy 7-2, 2.89) at Houston (Pettitte 5-7, 3.15) 8:05
Los Angeles (Penny 4-5, 3.49) at Colorado (Kennedy 4-8, 6.93) 9:05
St.Louis (Carpenter 12-4, 2.60) at Arizona (Vazquez 7-7, 4.75) 10:05
Cincinnati (Hudson 1-3, 10.18) at San Francisco (Correia 0-0, 3.60) 10:05

And a Question of the Day! Actually, just fill in the blank. And if you get the author's name, bonus!

Now perhaps we can see why ______ could build his team so quickly. He could get the guys he wanted because nobody else thought much of them. He sought precisely the baseball commodities that were most undervalued.

Oooh! A tough one, no?