Poetic Licence to Kill

Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 07:24 AM EDT

Contributed by: Jordan

Gotta run, my government's collapsing. This morning's minor-league update is another rapdily assembled all-poetry edition, but in the interests of diversity, we've expanded beyond the basic haiku into a bunch of other cliched formats, including one limerick, three spoken-words, and a little Ogden Nashery.

Dave Purcey's Double-A premiere was underwhelming, and Adam Lind exploded on a 3-3 night for the farm system.

Indianapolis 3 Syracuse 0

In five strong innings, Gaudin was OK
Five hits and a run wasn’t such a bad day
He walked two batters with just one K
The offence, however, was MIA.

Box score

Portland 5 New Hampshire 3

Dave Purcey’s debut was great? Not.
Four walks and 3 K’s aren’t so hot
In six innings – that fits
With four runs and four hits,
Including one big solo shot.

Box score

Dunedin 10 Jupiter 2

Adam Lind was the biggest star in the sky
Two homers, one double, and 5 RBIs
Think he’s found the power he was looking for?

Box score

South Bend 9 Lansing 5

The pitching was as bad as you might imagine:
Savickas and Templet suffered all the damage, and
The Lugnuts’ offence was pretty subpar:
Ten singles and a double didn’t get them far.

Box score

Auburn 7 Mahoning Valley

An impact draftee
Rob Ray struck out six batters
One run in five frames

“General” Patton
Cory fired off three hits
A match for Cannon?

Box score

Pulaski 3 Princeton 2

Sixteen K’s for the P-Jay pitchers
Nine from the talented Jesse Litschers

Box score

Your Three-Star Selection:

3. Jesse Litsch, Pulaski: Nine K’s in 5 innings, with 4 hits, a walk and a run.

2. Robert Ray, Auburn:A two-hitter over 6 innings, with a walk and 5 strikeouts.

1. Adam Lind, Dunedin: Two home runs, one double and 5 RBIs.