NFH Needs You

Tuesday, August 02 2005 @ 08:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Named For Hank

I'm a little bit weird when it comes to baseball. If you'll recall:

My new project requires the participation of as many of you as I can round up.

You see, when things aren't going quite right on a baseball team, you need to change things up. Sometimes you need to trade a guy, and sometimes you need to change your routines. Sometimes you need to do crazy, superstitious things like wearing your road caps at home, like the Jays are doing.

As a crazy, superstitious person, I wholly agree with this move. In fact, I am going to take advantage of the cap trade-in deal during the next homestand at the Rogers Centre to change my home grey cap to a road black cap. (It smells bad anyways. And that's a long story.) For those not in the know, if you bring in an old cap they'll give you ten bucks off of a new cap.

Originally I was going to try to encourage other people to do this, but I figured I'd sound like a shill for the Jays Shop. Instead, I am going to encourage everyone to change something about their Jays-viewing routine. Changing caps would be great, but what I really want people to do is what I did this morning:

That's right, I want all men who are capable of growing beards to join me in the handlebar mustache brigade. And once we all have our magnificent facial hair, I want to make a giant banner and have a group Rogers Centre outing where we'll bring the power of our mustaches into the home of the team.

Now, this doesn't mean that I only want GTA residents to grow or modify their facial hair -- no! I want you all to do it. Send pictures if you can, or merely post your success stories. And if you can't grow a mustache or would get fired from your job for showing up looking like an extra on Starsky and Hutch, change something else about your routine and post it here.

The Handlebar Mustache Brigade will certainly push the Jays over the top and into the playoffs. All they require is for you to join.