This Day In Baseball: 20 August 2005

Saturday, August 20 2005 @ 12:05 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

I might take a train
I might take a plane
But if I have to walk
I'm gonna get there just the same

So my computer's keyboard died the other day, and I picked up a replacement from my handy neighbourhood electronics store. And I was dazzled by this sleek black thing that had a whole lot of strange new keys along the top. I don't know what they're for, but I figured I'd have fun finding out.

But in the meantime, I have discovered that keys I rely on and use all the time have either shrunk in size (Home, End, Backspace) or have migrated to strange and confusing new locations (the arrow keys, Delete). I'm having a dreadful time, and I ask forgiveness for all typos...

Has anyone else had this experience? And more important, do you actually get used to this new layout>

I've been making lots of pretty pictures lately, because a) I've just learned how, and b) it's the dog days of August, I'm running out of things to say, but I am confident that I'll be firing on all thrusters once more as we head down the stretch. But over the course of a long season, some of us older guys need to pace ourselves a little.

Anyway, King Ryan requested that I do some pretty pictures for the AL Central - we all know why, don't we. He wants to snicker over the poor unfortunate Royals.

There's a word for that, King Ryan, and that word is schadenfreude - and sometimes, OK, it's a lot of fun.

Let's take the division's temperature every couple of weeks. The Twins hung around for a while, but got discouraged, while the Indians have slowly built up a very nice head of steam.

And here they are in 10 game segments:

Everything's up to date in Kansas City...

The day's action:

New York (Chacon 2-8, 3.59) at Chicago (Hernandez 8-5, 4.67) 1:15
Boston (Arroyo 10-7, 4.28) at Los Angeles (Santana 6-5, 4.62) 4:05
Texas (Benoit (3-2, 3.36) at Tampa Bay (Kazmir 6-8, 4.04) 6:15
Baltimore (Lopez 12-6, 4.68) at Cleveland (Lee 12-4, 4.03) 7:05
Toronto (Chacin 11-6, 3.44) at Detroit (Johnson 7-9, 4.24) 7:05
Seattle (Hernandez 2-1, 0.86) at Minnesota (Lohse 8-11, 4.17) 7:10
Kansas City (Lima 4-11, 6.44) at Oakland (Zito 11-9, 3.65) 9:05

San Diego (Astacio 3-10, 5.51) at Atlanta (Ramirez 10-7, 4.73) 1:15
San Francisco (Correia 2-3, 4.91) at St. Louis (Morris 12-5, 3.83) 1:15
Los Angeles (Penny 6-7, 3.34) at Florida (Moehler 6-9, 3.58) 6:05
Milwaukee (Sheets 8-9, 3.54) at Houston (Rodriguez 8-5, 6.09) 7:05
Pittsburgh (Williams 10-8, 3.88) at Philadelphia (Myers 10-6, 3.62) 7:05
Arizona (Vazquez 9-12, 4.85) at Cincinnati (Harang 8-11, 3.89) 7:10
Washington (Hernandez 14-5, 3.45) at New York (Martinez 12-5, 2.96) 7:10
Chicago (Rusch 5-5, 4.28) at Colorado (Cook 1-1, 5.16) 8:05