J isn't "Just" for Johnson, Jones and Jackson

Sunday, September 11 2005 @ 01:00 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

As we put together the next in our line of alphabet soup teams (and no, that's not "All-Campbells" -- sorry Jamie), we reach the letter "J" -- with which we are already blessed with a fair amount of pre-existing Hall of Names research, based on our previous All-Jones, All-Johnson and very recent All-Jackson squads.

But to limit ourselves to those three surnames on this team made up entirely of players whose last/family name begins with the letter "J" would deprive us of Hall of Famers like Addie Joss and Fergie Jenkins, not to mention a certain shortstop currently starring in a leading role just off Broadway.

Jenkins and Joss notwithstanding, of the other six "J"s inducted into Cooperstown so far, two are Jacksons (Reggie and Travis) and three are Johnsons (Walter, Judy and Ban, who wasn't a player). That leaves Hughie Jennings, a .311 career hitter who could also play short for this team, but who will probably find himself busy managing it instead. Nobody named "Jones" is in the Hall, surprisingly, but Chipper and Andruw will make a case in 15 or 20 years, while Randy Johnson will beat both of them there by a decade.

Now, please meet ...

(Really, what else were we going to call them?)
** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

MGR: Hughie Jennings** (1184-995, four pennants)

C Charles Johnson* (167 homers, four gold gloves)
1B Joe Judge (.298, 159 homers in 20 seasons)
2B Davey Johnson* (hit behind Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson and Saduhuru Oh)
SS Derek Jeter* (.315 through 2004)
3B Judy Johnson** (HOF Negro League star)
LF Joe Jackson (.356 career average)
CF Sam Jethroe (Negro League star played MLB 1950-54)
RF Reggie Jackson** (563 homers)
DH David Justice* (305 homers; 999 walks)

C/1B/DH Cliff Johnson (196 homers, and he looked so damn mean)
SS/1B Travis Jackson** (.291 borderline HOFer)
3B/OF Chipper Jones* (.304, 310 homers through 2004)
OF Baby Doll Jacobson (.311 in 11 years)
OF Andruw Jones* (250 homers, 7 Gold Gloves through 2004)
UTIL Gregg Jefferies* (.289, did all but C, SS)

RHSP Walter Johnson** (417-279)
LHSP Randy Johnson* (246 wins through 2004)
RHSP Fergie Jenkins** (284-226)
LHSP Tommy John* (288-231)
RHSP Addie Joss ** (160-97)

CL-RH Doug Jones* (303 saves)
LH-SET Grant Jackson* (86-75, 79 saves)
RH-SET Todd Jones* (186 sves through 2004)
LH-LONG Danny Jackson* (112-131)
RH-LONG Toothpick Sam Jones* (229-217)

J-WALKING ... The C and 2B positions are quite thin, but Charles and Davey Johnson were both worthy All-Stars at one time ... There were plenty of other candidates at 1B, the best of which was probably Wally Joyner, the longest career of which (so far) belonged to Mike Jorgensen, the most DL stints of which belong to Nick Johnson, and other guys including Deron Johnson, John Jaha and 1B/3B Buck Jordan, who hit .299 in 10 seasons ...

That hole at backup 2B really demands that Davey Johnson stay healthy, though presumably Chipper Jones or Travis Jackson could play a few days there in an emergency; otherwise, we'll have to look into cutting an (admittedly borderline) Hall of Famer like Jackson for the .239-hitting Eddie Joost or the .258-hitting Billy Jurges; while both were All-Stars, both were also primarily shortstops ... Another infielder who spent some time at SS but who ended up at the hot corner, is 30/30 Met Howard Johnson ... Willie "Puddin' Head" Jones made just one appearance at 2B in hi career, but was an All-Star (career .258, 190 homers) 3B in the 1950s for Philadelphia ... Lest we forget -- and we have -- Brook Jacoby was a two-time All-Star 3B for the Indians not too long ago ...

In the outfield, those deserving mention include both Ruppert and Cleon Jones ... Alex, Lance and "Indian Bob" Johnson ... Charlie Jamieson, who hit .303 over 18 years ... College football star (1948 All-American RB at Cal) Jackie Jensen, who ended up the 1958 AL MVP with the Red Sox not to mention NFL star CB Brian Jordan, who ended up in the Atlanta Braves outfield ... Geoff Jenkins has more than 150 homers already but has gone unnoticed playing in Milwaukee ... And the wacky Jay Johnstone hit .263 over 20 years and is 25th all-time in pinch-hits with 92.

Jimmy Johnston did everything but catch and hit .294 over 13 years, but doesn't quite nose out Jefferies for the UTIL spot on the team ... a nice father/son combo also got some consideration for bench spots in All-Star Julian Javier, who played all over the infield and hist .257 oer 13 seasons and his son Stan, who played all over the infield AND outfield and hit .269 over 17 seasons ... Neither Felix Jose nor Von Joshua is going to make the team, but they might could get some play over in the old Two First Names Hall of Names thread.

The pitching staff is deep ... Consider for a moment a starting rotation made up of All-Stars Larry Jackson (194-183), Larry Jansen (122-89), Joey Jay (99-91) and lefty Randy Jones (42 wins for '75-'76 Padres; started '76 All-Star Game), with righty Pat Jarvis (85-73) around as the fifth starter; and closer Mike R. Jackson (62-67, 142 saves) being set up by fellow righties Jose Jiminez (110 saves) and Jorge Julio (86 saves through 2004). Now consider that NONE of those guys even made the team ... Those two Johnsons at the front of the rotation, the Big Train and Unit, respectively, should scare some of the other all-letter teams.

With a Judge and a Justice on the squad, maybe Fergie Jenkins and Joe Jackson can be trusted to stay in line? ... Now, Bauxites, don't be J-ded ... How can this team be better?