Yankees 1, Jays 0

Sunday, September 18 2005 @ 09:22 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

I'm not writing a Game Report today.

I refuse to continually support a business organization as thoroughly dysfunctional as the Toronto Blue Jays.

Friday was the last straw for me. Once again the Jays showed how far away they are from being a World Class organization.

Have you noticed that with the Jays that it's always someone else's fault? I respect J.P. Ricciardi, but I'm sick and tired of listening to him bad mouth the fans on Wilner's show. Yes, it's the fans fault that they don't come out more and that they don't make the RC a "scary" place for the opposition. It has nothing to do with poor marketing or with the fact that middle management does whatever it can to scuttle any attempts to bring atmosphere to the Dome. It has nothing to do with lame in-game promotions that distract from the core product. It's you lousy fans!

Sure, the Jays on pace for their third losing season in four, but it's not management's fault. It's that darn Alex Rios. He just doesn't hustle enough. And how can we possibly compete in a division with two well run organizations like the Red Sox and Yankees? We're victims of circumstance!

I'm not a Rogers shareholder, so I'm not sure if their other divisions do this. Does Ted Rogers or Gar Emerson go on TV stating, "Sure, we missed our quarterly projections by 30%, but we're in market segment with a big company like Bell. How are we supposed to compete? Plus our customers aren't nearly as vocal about their love for our cellphones as they should be. It's not our fault!"

Cheering for the Indians is starting to look very, very good.