A Pretty Good Squad, Moore or Less

Friday, September 30 2005 @ 04:30 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

There have been forty-seven (47) major league ballplayers to bear the last/family name of "Moore," which is #9 -- a good baseball number, that -- on the list of "Most Common North American Surnames." Obviously, that total does not include the two men -- including Toronto's own Russ Moore Adams -- who have had it as a middle name.

Although no Moore has yet been inducted to the Hall of Fame, this Hall of Names squad may feature up to five former All-Stars. There have been two Moores to manage in the big leagues, both of whom might also make the squad as players.

We're going to uproot this franchise and move the whole happy bunch to Smith County, Texas, where they will be known as ...

** indicates Hall of Famer (there are none)
* indicates All-Star

Manager: Jackie Moore (163-190 with 1984-86 OAK)
Player/Coach: Terry Moore (35-42 with 1954 PHI)

C Charlie Moore (.261, 1973-87)
1B Whitey Moore (.223/8/25 for 1981-83 OAK)
2B Eddie Moore (.285 in 10 seasons, 1923-34)
SS Charley Moore (2-for-9 for 1912 CHC)
3B Junior Moore (.264, 1976-80 ATL, CHW)
LF Terry Moore* (.280 in 11 seasons; four-time All-Star)
CF Jo-Jo Moore* (.298 in 12 seasons; six-time All-Star)
RF Gene Moore Jr.* (.270 in 14 seasons; 1937 All-Star)
DH Johnny Moore (.307 in 10 years between 1928-45)

C Jerrie Moore (.263, 1884-85)
IF/OF/C Randy Moore (.278, 1927-37, played everywhere but SS)
C/3B/UTIL Dee Moore (.236 in 98 games, 1936-36, '43, '46)
1B/OF Archie Moore (.275, 1964-65 NYY)
OF Bobby Moore (.357 in 18 1991 KCR games)
UTIL Molly Moore (.221 in 86 1875 games; played all nine positions)

RHSP Earl Moore (162-154, 1901-14)
LHSP Balor Moore (28-48 in eight seasons)
RHSP Mike Moore* (161-176 in 14 years)
LHSP Roy Moore (10-10 for 1921 PHA; 11-26 career)
5SP-RH Whitey Moore (13-12 in 1939; 30-29 career)

CL-RH Wilcy Moore (19-7, 13 saves for '27 NYY)
RH-SET Donnie Moore* (43-40, 89 saves in 13 years)
LH-SET Gene Moore (2-2, 1 save, 1909-12)
RH-LONG Ray Moore (63-59, 46 saves, 1952-63)
LH-LONG Barry Moore (26-37, three saves, 1965-70)

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this particular Hall of Names entry is the realization that there is not one single "Moore" currently active anywhere in the big leagues.

So that's it, Bauxites ... can you think of any ways to make this team, uh, "Moore Better"?