Jays 6, Royals 7

Saturday, October 01 2005 @ 03:45 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The Royals did their best to give this one away, but the Jays resisted the temptation...

A few notes:

The team's 21st Blown Save was charged to Jason Frasor, but when you come in with a one run lead, no one out, and runners on second and third... it's a tough one.

Ambiorix Burgos also gets a Blown Save, and about as Cheap a Win as it's possible to get.

If the Jays clubhouse is like most others in the major leagues, the pre-game music is selected by that day's starting pitcher. And in that case, Dave Bush needs to find some new tunes, because he keeps putting his own hitters to sleep. In his 24 starts, the Jays have now scored 0 runs six times while Bush was in the game, and just 1 run four other times.

The Royals play a brand of defense with which I am not familiar, and today they gave us an opportunity to see Rule 10.18 in action. The Royals two errors with one out in the seventh meant that all six runs that followed were unearned. That's six unearned to the team and four unearned to starter J.P. Howell. But the two runs Ambiorix Burgos was charged with count as earned runs against Burgos. He doesn't benefit from errors made while Howell was pitching.

Frank Catalanotto drove in three runs for the fourth game in a row this afternoon. Needless, to say no other Blue Jay has done that this year.

Cat also hit into two double plays. That has been done before: once previously by Catalanotto himself, once each by Aaron Hill, Reed Johnson, and Corey Koskie, and three times by Shea Hillenbrand.