Ander-son of a Gun!

Tuesday, October 04 2005 @ 07:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

There have been thirty-eight (38) major league ballplayers to bear the last/family name of "Anderson" which is #11 on the list of "Most Common North American Surnames." That, as you might expect, is just a noodge below the 47 candidates we had for each of the #9 All-Moore and #10 All-Taylor teams.

But unlike the Moore and Taylor squads, the All-Anderson team will have a Hall of Famer -- a little .218-hitting 2B who went on to spark a much more successful career as a big league skipper in Cincinnati and Detroit.

He'll take the helm of this team, which shares its team name with that of namesake college Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana (be honest -- you didn't know the place existed, right?) meaning it's time to meet ...

** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

Manager: Sparky Anderson** (2194-1834)

C Ferrell Anderson (.261 in 97 games with '46 BRK, '53 STL)
1B Honest John J. Anderson (.290, 1894-1908, mostly OF; 599 games at 1B)
2B Marlon Anderson (.264 through 2004, first "Marlon" in MLB history)
SS Dave C. Anderson (.242, 1983-92, also 3B/2B/1B)
3B Kent Anderson (.260; 221 of 135 1989-90 games with CAL at 3B)
LF Garrett Anderson* (.299, 293 homers through 2004)
CF Brady Anderson* (210 homers, 315 SB)
RF George "Andy" Anderson (.287, 1914-18, mostly in Fed League)
DH Harry "The Horse" Anderson (.264, 1957-61)

UTIL Jim L. Anderson (.218, 1978-84, SS/3B/2B/C/OF; only backup C)
SS/3B/2B/OF Dwain Anderson (.203, 1971-74)
SS/2B/3B/1B Andy Anderson (.184, 1948-49 SLB)
OF Ed "Goat" Anderson (.206 in 127 games all with 1907 PIT)
OF Hal Anderson (8-for-32 for 1932 CHW)
OF Mike A. Anderson (.246, 1971-79)

LHSP Brian Anderson (82-83 through 2005)
RHSP Fred Anderson (32-28 in 1914-15 Fed League; 53-57 career)
LHSP Allan Anderson (33-19, 1988-89 MIN; 49-54 career)
RHSP Varney Anderson (9-16 in 1895; 9-20 career)
5SP-LH Jimmy Anderson (25-47 through 2004, mostly with PIT)

CL-RH Matt Anderson (15-7, 26 saves through 2004; 22 saves in 2001)
RHRP Arnold "Red" Anderson (5-8, 1937-41 WSH)
LH-SET Wingo Anderson (0-0 in seven games with 1910 CIN)
RH-LONG Craig Anderson (3-17 for '62 NYM; 7-23 career)
LH-LONG Bob Anderson (36-46, 13 saves, 1957-63)

Notes: Obviously, the above team does not include the nine men with the middle name Anderson or the two who actually had Anderson as a first name ... Although, it is tempting to latch on to former Cub slugger Henry Anderson Rodriguez, which would give us an outfield made up fully of All-Stars ... Larry Andersen would certainly strengthen this team's bullpen, but he bought the wrong vowel to finish up his name ... There actually was a RHRP named Larry Anderson (2-3 with 1974-77 MIL, CHW), but he didn't make the squad, either ... Another RHRP who didn't quite make the cut is Rick Anderson, just 4-4 with one save for the 1986-99 Mets and Royals; he is best known as part of the package, along with Ed Hearn and Mauro Gozzo, delivered in the deal that sent David Cone to Shea ... Amazingly few of these guys were nicknamed "Andy," and one of the two to make the team was actually named that for real ...

So that's it, Bauxites ... is this team greater than the (sorry about this) Anderson of its parts?