The Last Day of the Season!

Sunday, October 02 2005 @ 10:54 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

A few thoughts:

  1. I've been really impressed by the Jays this week. Really impressed. It would have been very easy for this team to shut down since they had nothing to play for. Instead, they've played incredibly well as of late and were only second to the Boston Red Sox in making sure that the Boston Red Sox didn't win the AL East.

  2. A good thing for Jays fans: Had the Yankees missed the playoffs, you can be sure that the Yankees would spend the off-season buying up every significant free-agent on the market, leaving none for the Jays (or atleast causing prices to rise too high). The best thing that could happen to the Jays now is a.. *yuck*.. Yankees World Series. Expect Mt. Steinbrenner to still erupt if the Yankees get bumped out in the first round.

  3. Today's game will determine whether or not the Jays season wins end in a 7 or an 8. There's no real difference betyween 79 and 80 wins other than a psychological one. I still believe it's important - 80 seems a lot more respectable to me than 79; I imagine it will make a difference in selling tickets for next year. Anyhow, today's starters are Runelvys Hernansez (8-13) vs. Gus Chacin (12-9). I like Toronto's chances.

  4. Confused about the possible different playoff match-ups? I am, though I think I have it figured out. There's a few different scenarios:

    1. If the Red Sox win: It doesn't matter what Cleveland does, the Red Sox will be the wild card. The Yankees win the AL East and will play the Angels in the first round. The Red Sox will play the White Sox.

    2. If both the Red Sox and Indians lose: Red Sox win the Wild Card. Same scenario as above.

    3. If the Red Sox lose and the Indians win: The Red Sox and Indians are both tied and a one-game playoff will be played on Monday. If the Red Sox win that one game playoff, then the scenario is the same as above. If the Indians win the one game playoff, then the Indians will play the Yankees in the first round and the White Sox will play the Angels.

    Got all of that? Someone else can figure out what is going on in the National League.
Today's Playoff Relevant Starters

Chicago:      Brandon "Hall of Fame" McCarthy (2-2)
Cleveland:    Scott Elarton (11-8)

New York:     Jaret Wright (5-4)
Boston:       Curt Schilling (7-8)

Philadelphia: Jon Lieber (16-13)
Washington:   Hector Carrasco (5-3)

Chicago:      Greg Maddux (13-14)
Houston:      Roy Oswalt (19-12)