Blue Jay Six Year Free Agent List

Tuesday, October 25 2005 @ 08:29 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

Today the full list of minor league six year free agents was released. These players have been granted free agency as they are not on the Jays 40 man roster. The full list of the 19 Blue Jays is here....

Pitchers: Chris Baker, Jesse Carlson, Matt Duff, D.J. Hanson, Spike Lundberg, Cameron Reimers, Kevin Tolar.

Catchers: Joseph Depastino, Jose Umbria. Infielders: Jason Alfaro, Clint Johnston, Julius Matos, Bryant Nelson, Desi Relaford, Michael Snyder.

Outfielders: Ronald Acuna, Anton French, Rodney Medina, Anthony Sanders.

Some of these players are free agents signed by the Jays for the 2005 season, Matt Duff, Jesse Carlson, Spike Lundberg, Kevin Tolar, Joe DePastino, Jose Umbria, Julius Matos, Bryant Nelson, Desi Relaford, Jason Alfaro, Ron Acuna, Anton French, and Anthony Sanders all have previously been minor league free agents.

That leaves five players who are free agents for the first time: Chris Baker; Cam Reimers; Mike Snyder; Rodney Medina; and Clint Johnston.

Chris Baker has spent parts of four seasons with Syracuse and turned 28 years old at the end of the season. Baker had a 5.30 ERA this year for Syracuse as he split his time between the rotation and the pen. The Jays could sign Baker for 2006 as insurance for the rotation and the pen.

Cameron Reimers was a 35th round choice by the Jays in the 1998 draft. Reimers has shown the ability to pitch very well at AA, and poorly at AAA. Several other prospects have passed Reimers on the depth chart and I doubt that the Jays will resign him.

Mike Snyder was injured for much of 2005 after spending 2004 at AA. On his return from injury Snyder spent 2005 at Dunedin. I doubt Snyder will return for 2006.

Rodney Medina did not get much of a look in 2005 playing 45 games for Dunedin. Medina was injured to start the year and was a fourth outfielder on his return. In three seasons with Dunedin Medina hit between .250 and .272.

Clint Johnston was profiled by Batters Box here. Johnston is a former pitcher who was converted to a hitter by the Jays. Johnston started 2005 strongly at Dunedin and earned a promotion to New Hampshire. Johnston started well in AA but faded in the second half. Johnston has a good chance of being resigned by the Jays as the Jays are short of hitters and it was the Jays who gave Johnston his break.

Clint Johnston is probably the most likely free agent to return. Any of the others could be signed to fill out AAA, AA or A rosters. Jesse Carlson could also be resigned as lefty pitchers are always in demand and Carlson showed flashes of domination in 2005.

Here are some of the other notable new free agents: Kerry Ligtenberg; Chris Michalak; Chris Stynes; Peter Bergeron; Simon Pond; Felix Romero; Dave Berg; Jared Sandberg; George Lombard; Brad Fullmer; Eric Crozier; Ryan Ludwick; Mike Colangelo; Warren Morris; Todd Dunwoody; Mike Ryan; Pete Munro; Hideo Nomo; Jack Cust; Howie Clark; Tom Evans; Graham Koonce; Jason Kershner; Alex Sanchez; and Bucky Jacobsen. See anyone the Jays should sign?