The Jays are getting noticed

Sunday, December 11 2005 @ 02:44 PM EST

Contributed by: Pepper Moffatt

I'm in Vegas this week - the wifely person is on a business trip and I'm just tagging along as a tourist.

I just saw something you might find interesting.

I just got back from the Sports Book at the Imperial Palace casino. It's a pretty fun and busy place right now with tons of gamblers on the edge of their seats watching about a half dozen NFL games that are going on at once.

They've got odds sheets here for the 2006 World Series. Naturally the Yankees are one of the favourites (4 to 1) while teams like the Devil Rays are in the hundreds to one.

To get the latest odds, though, you have to go up to the counter - the sheets are only updated every couple of weeks. On the odds sheet I have in front of me, the Jays are listed at 55 to 1.

At the counter? 40 to 1!

It's not just us few Canadian baseball fans who have noticed the additions J.P. and the front office have made to this team.

Despite the smaller payoff, I'm putting $20 on the Jays. I figure if they win the World Series, I can come back here and celebrate.