Springing Into Florida With The Jays

Tuesday, December 20 2005 @ 11:30 PM EST

Contributed by: Rob

As the title might imply, this is a Spring Training thread. Not about the players, non-roster invites and positional battles, but about the actual activity itself. Readers with Florida experience are welcomed to join in with advice and anyone with questions about attending exhibition baseball is welcomed to pose them here -- odds are, someone can answer them!

So if you have questions about Spring Training in Dunedin (or other Florida locations), questions about the area or if you just want to know the best way to get there and simply enjoy baseball, read on.

Let's start off with some questions posed by Jacko:

I'd like to go down for a week and split a beachfront condo with a bunch of people to help keep accomodation costs down.

(a) who's interested in doing this?
(b) does anyone know a good place to research accomodation in or around Dunedin/Clearwater?
(c) what is the best week to go? The earlier you go, the more kids you get to see play in the games...

My quick advice: Try Rentalo.com for a condo...go early if you can, games in late March are filled with MLB regulars, which isn't as fun...and again, for any GTAers, fly Southwest out of Buffalo. Quite simply, it's very, very good.

Perhaps Bauxites have other questions. Do you want to know how to find Knology Park, for example?* Please, feel free to ask -- and answer -- as many questions as you want. Let's kick off what should be a great 2006 season with some fun discussion about the 2006 preseason.

Thanks to Da Box's indefatigable Mick Doherty for the headline and to Jacko and Smithers for inspiring the article.

*It is impossible to find Knology Park.