Rank Sergio Santos

Saturday, December 31 2005 @ 11:30 AM EST

Contributed by: Pistol

In the Troy Glaus trade the Blue Jays also received Sergio Santos from the Diamondbacks. Where does he fit into the Blue Jay prospects?

The Diamondbacks selected Santos out of high school with the 27th overall pick of the 2002 draft. Santos progressed quickly through the minor leagues reaching AAA this past season, although not without struggles. However, Santos will be just 23 next year - the same age as many of the college players the Jays drafted in 2005 that will start in Dunedin - so he's still ahead of the curve for his age. He's played shortstop all of his career, but based on his size he's expected to be moved to another position eventually.

Here are Santos' career minor league stats:

Year	Team 	League	Age	Level	AB	Avg	OBP	SLG
2002	Miss.   Pio	19	Rk	202	.272	.367	.520
2003	Lancstr	Calif	20	A	341	.287	.368	.408
2003	El Paso	Tex	20	AA	137	.255	.293	.365
2004	El Paso	Tex	21	AA	347	.282	.332	.461
2005	Tucson	PCL	22	AAA	490	.239	.288	.367

Prior to this season John Sickels had Santos rated as a B prospect. Santos was Baseball America's #3 prospect after the 2004 season and #10 prospect after the 2005 season.

Here are the summaries of the Blue Jays top 30 prospects, as rated by the minor league crew:

1-10 prospects

11-20 prospects

21-30 prospects

I find it difficult to rank Santos. He was a 1st round choice out of high school, has a good scouting report, and has played at high levels at a relatively young age. However, he did not performed all that well in AAA this season and has had issues with his shoulder. If you rank him high it's based on his potential. If you rank him low it's based on his performance.

So where does Santos rank in the Jays system in your mind? I'd place him in the early teens, with the potential to be in the top 5 by the end of the year.