That Blessed Team of Mine

Monday, March 13 2006 @ 09:45 PM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

(Yep, Even Judas)

In a nod to the current Lenten season, we're about to get all apostolic here on Da Box. But does that mean we're looking at Matthews, Markle, Luke and John ... or at Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

Let's find out.

Let's cut right to the chase ... we'll go with given/first names rather than last/family names, since that IS the way the historic apostles received the names we're using for this lineup.

And yes, even though tradition has it that Luke was a doctor, we never hear Matthew or anyone refer to him as "The Doctor" and besides, does Dwight Gooden really belong on an all-apostles team?

Now, we're not going to get a full roster out of this, given there were only 13 total apostles and all, so even if we go with both a Simon and a Peter (there actually was a Simon in the clan, so that's not an issue), allow both Jameses representation -- well, we'll be plenty happy with a starting lineup and someone to take the ball to the bill.

Anyway, here are the 13 names we're working with:

There has never been a major league player with the given name of "Matthias" -- or "Judas" for that matter (no real surprise on that last one, huh?) ... However, there has been one middle name and one surname Matthias and a middle name Judas, believe it or not ... There has also never been a big leaguer named Thaddaeus, but good ol' Thaddis Bosley and seven guys with Thaddeus as a first and middle name do give us some options.

Now ready? It's time to meet ...

The Apostle's Creed
** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

While this team may be doomed to "station to station" baseball (Lent joke, forget it), there are no less than SIX Hall of Famers, and thanks to Rose, seven Hall of Fame talents, on the roster. So is it out of line to say, "Jesus, this team could be pretty good!"?