Posada breaks nose - Steinbrenner blames World Baseball Classic

Thursday, March 23 2006 @ 08:20 AM EST

Contributed by: Named For Hank

On Wednesday, New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada broke his nose when an errant baseball hit him in the face. Declared Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, "This is another case of the World Baseball Classic's negative impact on my baseball team."

When asked how an injury suffered during Yankees batting practice could possibly be the fault of the World Baseball Classic, Steinbrenner responded, "Jorge really wanted to play in the Classic, and he's blaming himself for whatever team he would have played for not winning the tournament. He's been walking around like a zombie, daydreaming about it for a whole week now. I told you people that there would be injuries -- first there was that guy in Washington, and now Posada! When will this madness end? Our season ticket holders have called in thousands of times to complain about how much they hate the World Baseball Classic -- it's destroying the game! What should I tell them? How much more money do I have to lose because of this foolishness?"

*all George Steinbrenner quotes in this article are completely made up.