T.D.I.B: Tuesday report

Tuesday, April 04 2006 @ 08:33 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

Third time's the charm.

The third go round for Opening Day this year, but for most of us the real one, or at least the really important one, as the Fighting Jays take to the turf today to face the Twins. As an added bonus this will be one of the best pitching match-ups of the season, as the best pitcher in the league takes on the other best pitcher in the league (with apologies to my pick for AL Cy Young winner Mr Harden).

The local press has lots of good baseball stuff today, the two best pieces are behind the subscriber wall at the Globe, a Steven Brunt column and a piece on Jamie Campbell who 'vows to cut down on the blather' during Sportsnet broadcasts. James Rusk has a look at the improvements to the RC that VBF has been keeping us up to date on, and notes some season ticket holders aren't too impressed with changes to their seats. John Lott has a long look at the best Jays team since '93 and in the Star Allan Ryan is interviewing the jays about their cooking skills for reasons not evident to me, other than he was (a) bored, ((b) desperate to meet a deadline (c) drunk.

It was a great day for baseball yesterday, I spent the evening channel surfing between various games. Watched a bit of Barry failing to get a walk while making Petco look like a Spring Training park and saw Josh Barfield get his first hit. I saw Mike DeJean(!) get a win in a game at Coors that only featured five runs and watched the Tigers rookie Zumaya warm up for real major league hitters by having a couple of innings against the Royals. There were some sobering signs for the Jays yesterday, Curt Schilling looked great going 7 strong against Texas in Arlington and the Yankees unloaded on an uncertain looking Barry Zito for seven runs and the A's vaunted bullpen for seven more in an emphatic reminder of why they're rated to win the division.

7:15 start at the RC, if you can't be there the game chat will be in full swing.