TDIB: Monday Report

Monday, April 10 2006 @ 07:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

Everyone's on the board. Everyone's got a win, everyone's got a loss. So what lies ahead?

As all Bauxites surely know, the Blue Jays are off to Fenway Park to play the 2004 champs. They'll provide the opposition for Boston's home opener. The Red Sox will miss Roy Halladay, who is Toronto's best pitcher, and Ted Lilly, who for some mysterious reason seems able to torment the Sox at will. Meanwhile Boston charged from the blocks by winning 5 of 6 on the road. This looks discouraging, but that's as good a reason as any to play the games. When they're done, Boston will host Seattle while Toronto visits the 2005 champion White Sox.

If the White Sox are going to repeat last year's magic act, they're not going to do it with a jackrabbit start. Next for them is three games in Comerica against the surprising Tigers (any time the Tigers win five out of six is officially surprising) before they go home to meet the Blue Jays

Yankees fans are probably grumbling already, because it's what they do - but remember, they lost 19 of the first 30 games last year, and still won the division. There's a good chance that this week's visit from Kansas City will change the mood.

The team looking down the barrel at hard times are the Twins. Which is what you have to expect when you expect Tony Batista to solve your run-scoring problems. The Twins dropped five of their first six, they've got Oakland coming to town next , and then they have to venture into the Bronx. They might find themselves in a deep hole by this time next week..

In the Other League - well I have to note, with pride swelling in my breast, that the three NL teams I picked to win their division are all sitting in fifth place. They have combined to win 5 games while losing 12. I can pick 'em.

The Brewers are off to a nice start, and Toronto fans have lots of Old Friends to follow. Dave Bush and Gabe Gross both had a memorable first week in Milwaukee, and we're all happy for them. I'm sure the Brewers are improved, but they're not all that good.. They went 5-1 despite scoring just 23 runs in their six games. But it was a good week for them. They'll take it

Speaking of having a good week.... the following is not good news for Carlos Pena.

PLAYER          TEAM    AB   R   H  2B  3B   HR   RBI   SB  CS  BB   BAV    OBP    SLG    OPS
Chris Shelton Det 24 7 14 2 2 5 9 0 0 1 .583 .615 1.458 2.074
And, leading the majors in strikeouts: Chris Capuano and Brad Penny. Make a note of the date and time. We are unlikely to see that confluence of events again in our lifetimes.