It's always a good day to beat the Sox

Thursday, April 13 2006 @ 08:39 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

The Jays win 8 to 4 in Boston and hand old "friend" Boomer Wells the loss.

Star of the Game: Alex Rios takes Wells deep on the fourth pitch of the game, and finishes three for four, with two runs, three RBI, a dinger, a double, a sacrifice fly and a partridge in a pear tree.

Unsung Hero: The SS Loogy came in in with one away in the seventh to work some lefty voodoo on Big Papi. Although he walked the Big Scary Bat, he stuck around to get Manny to ground into a double play and Varitek to line out in the next inning. That was the last the Jays would see of the heart of the Sox order.

For the Sox: Lenny DiNardo went three Innings giving up just a run and throwing a lot of strikes, he looked good, especially against Lyle Overbay.

Defensive Play of the Game: I have to admit I'm liking Sea Bass at short for the Sox, the play he made deep in the hole against Wells in the first was a beauty.

GIDP watch: Bengie Molina and John MacDonald stepped up to take the GIDP presssure off Shea Hillenbrand's shoulders for a day. It may not seem this way, but the Jays do not lead the majors, the AL or even the AL East in GIDP.

So how did Shea do: one for five with a strikeout and a couple of men left on base, he hit at least one-ball the opposite way which shows something isn't right.

Boo: The Fenway faithful gave Boomer a fearsome booing starting after approximately 7.5 seconds as Rios was dispatching his homer over the leftfield fence. Whoever said the Fenway crowd were fickle? the guy was only their best pitcher for the last half of last year.

Boxscore: Sure.

Guess: What the Jays RC27 number is for the season....and/or where that puts them in the MLB rankings


Don't worry be happy: The Sox were worried Coco Crisp would be sad about going on the DL so they gave him $15.5 million , David Riske went on the DL yesterday, I wonder how much he'll get.

Well Behaved: Much to the chagrin of ESPN there was no bench clearing brawl in Washington as Pedro kept the ball away from Jose Guillen's chin and the Mets won 3-1 to take their record to a rather impressive 6-1.

Something's Fishy: The Marlins do not seem to be happy having a couple of bone-fide Major League superstars on their AAA club, there are rumours coming from the club that there may be more roster "corrections" and that M-Cab and Dontrelle Willis might be traded before long.

Slow and Steady: Some guy called Burley has a look at the Major's slowest players.  You will not believe who the slowest is (well you might, I didn't)


Teasing Ted goes against Teasing Matt Clement. Don't forget Ted loves the Sox, he is 4-1 with a 3.50 ERA against them in the last three years.