Something New- Boston and Tampa Minor League Capsule Summaries

Friday, April 28 2006 @ 09:49 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mike Green

This weekend, I will be doing capsule summaries of the AL East minor league systems, as part of the minor league updates, and I need your help. On Saturday, I'll do the Boston and Tampa systems, and on Sunday, the New York and Baltimore systems. This thread is for Boston and Tampa only.

I will be preparing the statistical summaries, but there is much that I do not know. I have read that Wes Bankston's "Wallach conversion" from first to third is not going well, and that Dustin Pedroia recently returned to the lineup in Pawtucket, but I am sure that the readership knows much more than I do. So, please comment here and tell me what you know about position players' defence, baserunning, injuries and so on, and pitchers' stuff, mound presence, injuries...

I'll use John Sickels' and Baseball America's prospect lists as a basis for the report. Here they are:

Boston- Sickels Baseball America
Tampa- Sickels Baseball America

I will not be following prospects, who are no longer with the Sox or Rays, like Andy Marte, or who have spent considerable time in the majors like Jon Papelbon.

The Yankee/Oriole contribution thread will go up tomorrow.

Compensation for contributions to this project will be on the usual Battersbox scale. Minor contributions will receive our natural love and affection. Major contributions will receive an acknowledgement and a virtual handshake, or high-five if the contributor prefers.