Seven Runs In Five Games

Saturday, May 06 2006 @ 08:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Rob

Hey, no offense, minor league affiliates, but you had no offense last night. Syracuse won one, but nobody else did. I worked top-down on this Minor League Update and it started off well, but by the time I got to Lansing...well, see for yourself:

Pawtucket 2 @ Syracuse 1 (Game 1, continued from last night)
Pawtucket 1 @ Syracuse 4 (Game 2, 7 innings)

I assume the first game was played today, but there's nothing in the boxscore to tell me that. Anyway, Brandon League pitched a scoreless 4th, 5th and 6th after relieving Ty Taubenheim (who also kept the PawSox off the board). Unfortunately, new SkyChief Jason Frasor gave up both runs in the seventh and might have been charged with more had Brian Tallet not stranded two runners.

Predictably, not much to discuss about the offense. I can tell you Ryan Roberts drove in the only run in the eighth, but nobody even got two hits, and when Ken Huckaby goes 2-for-4 in a game...well, that's just bad news.

In the second game, David Purcey pitched very well, striking out seven and walking just one over six innings -- the one walk is the best part there. He allowed just one run in the first inning -- Real Canadian Hero Adam Stern scored after bunting his way on, stealing second, moving to third on another bunt hit and scoring on a groundout. They used to call that an Ichiro Home Run. Purcey lowered his ERA to 1.88 with this fine outing. Lee Gronkiewicz got the easy save in the seventh and final inning.

It was a balanced attack for Syracuse; once again, nobody had more than one hit. Also, nobody scored more than one run, and Ryan Roberts was the only hitter with 2 RBI. Also, more than 11,000 fans were in the stands in what must have been a rare high attendance for the Chiefs.

New Hampshire 0 at Binghamton 1 (10)

The F-Cats are up to their old tricks: not scoring. Not hard to believe when the highest average in the lineup was Adam Lind's .272, and that was after his two-hit night. Ismael Ramirez pitched six innings, allowing four walks and five hits but striking out six. Give it up for Willie Colazo of the B-Mets, though: no runs, no walks, six K's in eight innings. That's about it from Binghamton.

Dunedin 1 @ Sarasota 6

I'm not just saying this because it's a 6-1 loss. But the only interesting thing about this game is the fact that Jesse Litsch picked off two baserunners, both of which were on second base. One million Batter's Box Points to anyone who can come up with 150 interesting words about the results of this game.

Lansing 1 @ Peoria 12


Updated Three Star Selection:
. Brandon League - three shutout relief innings.
2. Ismael Ramirez - twice as many scoreless frames as the Flyin' Hawaiian.
1. David Purcey - initially overlooked, but as Casual Viewer pointed out, he had "a game score of 66."