Weber You Like It Core Not, It's Patterson Palm Beach

Saturday, June 03 2006 @ 09:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Rob

Yes, the headline took longer to write than the Minor League Update itself. If only the FSL had a team in Nassau, it would make more sense at the end.

Say, which is the greater number? Runs scored by the Blue Jays off Chad Harville last night, or total runs scored by the affiliates in three games? Hint: It's a trick question.

Syracuse 2 @ Richmond 8

David Purcey
got the start. He actually threw 114 pitches, only 63 of which were strikes. He walked three batters in the first inning, and get this -- he threw 46 pitches in the first. Forty-six! Obviously, he wasn't going much more than five innings in this one, and after going to three-ball counts on nearly every hitter, he was pulled in the sixth. I wonder if the rain had anything to do with his control, or if it was just regular Purcey. The latter would make sense; he now has 36 walks in 49 innings.

Anyway, Ben Weber came on when Purcey had let one in during the fifth, let both inherited runners score, gave up even more runs and then Jordan De Jong threw 2.1 thankless scoreless innings in his second AAA game. On the hitting side, Russ Adams took an 0-fer. Too bad he didn't get on in the first, because Sergio Santos and Kevin Barker went back-to-back to put Syracuse on top 2-0.

Dunedin 2 @ Palm Beach 6

The D-Jays only had two hits, and they came from Aaron Mathews and Ryan Patterson. Patterson actually had a two-run homer in the fourth, and it was tied until Brad Mumma and Danny Core combined to give up four runs. Mumma left the bases loaded and Core didn't strand any of them.

Yep, that's it. Patterson now has 13 HR on the year and is hitting .316.

Lansing 0 @ South Bend 1

What can you say when a team gets only three hits and Russell Savickas, while effective, only went five innings? Two things. One, Savickas has 60 K's in 61 innings with only 23 walks and one measly homer, though he was in Lansing last year and he spent two years in Pulaski. Two, some guy named Newby shut down the 'Nuts for three innings, striking out six. I wonder if Newby watches Scrubs. Of course, dear reader, if you don't, then that makes no sense to you. But at least you got a nice distraction from a nondescript game in the Midwest League.

Three Star Selection:
Russell Savickas
2. Jordan De Jong
1. Ryan Patterson