Blue Jays Sign Half Their Draft

Saturday, June 10 2006 @ 12:10 AM EDT

Contributed by: Thomas

Following a fantastic win the Blue Jays announced late last night that they signed 25 players from the 2006 amateur draft. Read on to see the list of names.

The players who signed are:

Luke Hopkins (
5th Round)
Jonathan Baksh
(7th Round)
Dan O'Brien (8th Round)
Matt Lane (11th Round)
Mikal Garbarino (13th Round)
Shawn Scobee (14th Round)
Seth Overbey (15th Round)
Kyle Walter (18th Round)
Matt Liuzza (19th Round)
Ronald Lowe (21st Round)
Adam Calderone (23rd Round)
Luis Fernandez (25th Round)
Chris Emanuele (26th Round)
Ryan Basham (29th Round)
Adam Rogers (31st Round)
Noah Tritz (32nd Round)
Greg Lopez (33rd Round)
John Zinnicker (35th Round)
Ben Zeskind (37th Round)
Ted Serro (40th Round)
Roger Ebarb (41st Round)
Nate Melek (43rd Round)
Kelly Sweppenhiser (44th Round)
Baron Frost (50th Round)

The following players were signed as undrafted free agents:

LHP Drew Taylor - University of Michigan
LHP Brian Bull - University of Minnesota
LHP Alan Stidfole - Penn State University
LHP Nathan Starner - Shippensburg University.

Toronto native Taylor is the son of Ron Taylor, the long-time doctor of the Toronto Blue Jays. Stidfole is the brother of current Lansing Lugnut reliever Sean Stidfole. First round pick Travis Snider will not sign before June 17. He does expect to sign a few days after that date.