Jesus Nailed, But Comes Back

Thursday, June 22 2006 @ 08:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Rob

Syracuse and Lansing did not play, Dunedin and Auburn wished they didn't and Pulaski puts up an 8-spot to start 2006. New Hampshire scored two runs off Jesus Colome, but he still got credit for the win. You'll see how if you read on.

New Hampshire 3 @ Trenton 4

This one was looking good for the F-Cats through 7 and a half. 3-1 lead, Mike MacDonald doing well. Double-single, though, and in comes Tracy Thorpe. How did he do? Wild pitch. Wild pitch. Walk. Oh well. Trenton tied it there, then Jim Bullard walked the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. A single ended the game.

New Hampshire got one run on a wild pitch, then two more off Jesus Colome on a throwing error and a two-out single. Not your typical rallies, I take it.

Dunedin 4 @ Tampa 6

It was not a good night for teams with a lead late in the game. One in the seventh, three in the eighth for the Yankees and this one was over. Connor Falkenbach was the one on the mound when the runs scored, but he doesn't get the loss. Makes sense.

Robinzon Diaz hit his second homer in the first to make it 2-0, but even that plus two more in the fourth wasn't enough for the D-Jays, who had just three hits on the night. Christian Snavely walked three times and scored once.

Batavia 7 @ Auburn 5

Decent start from Wil Aguirre, whose only run scored because the catcher had two passed balls after a double. So, Auburn made the change in the seventh and brought in Al Quintana to catch. What happens? Leadoff double, passed ball. The seventh was mean to the D-Days, as a walk followed, then an error, HBP, two bases-loaded walks, a two-run single and...oh, that's it. Five runs later, it's tied. Whoever Zachary Penprase is, he seemed to be involved in everything last night.

Kelly Sweppenhiser had a couple of hits including a double, and Jonathan Baksh went 1-for-4. Brian Hall, who was "diagnosed with thyroid cancer" last year, walked and scored a run.

Pulaski 9 @ Princeton 3

How do you know this is no longer 2005 in Pulaski? Leance Soto did not strike out! In fact, he walked in the first. The 8-run first. It was a Wayback Wasdin kind of day for the opposing pitcher (something Noel), who now has an ERA of 189.00. A homerun from Heliezer Aguilar (one of 3 RBI on the night) in the second made it, uh, 9-3.

Good job by Alex McRobbie, who held Princeton at bay after their three-run first: 6 IP, 8 H, 3 R, 5 K total. Joe Wice got the three-inning save with 0 hits and 4 strikeouts. There are a bunch of players here whose first names I have had to look up; on a related note, no sign of Baron Frost. Chip Cannon still has the official best name in the system.

And one more thing: Pulaski's assistant general manager, Jaimee Marinke, is 22 years old. Is that normal in Rookie ball? Not only is there a woman in the front office, she's young? Kim Ng is the only female executive I can name, and I doubt she's 22.

Three Star Selection:

3. Wil Aguirre
2. Heliezer Aguilar
1. Mike MacDonald