Reader Challenge: The Name Train

Thursday, July 13 2006 @ 10:23 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

We did something like this once before, but honestly, I can't find the thread, so let's start from scratch. Here's your challenge:

Using last (family) name-to-first (given) name overlaps, what is the longest string of players you can build? For instance, there's Mark Corey Thurman Munson, tying together the former Pittsburgh RHRP Mark Corey, recent Jay RHRP Corey Thurman and Yankee captain and catcher Thurman Munson. But that's just three guys ... surely someone can do better?

The only rules are these:

Tell us who the players are (as done above), especially if we may not have heard of them; and use the real and most common name of a player, that is, don't try to sneak Bobby Lee Bonds or Johnny Lee Bench into your string, when you can just as well rely on (Carlos [Lee) Guetterman] -- and yes, Guetterman's "real" name is "Arthur Lee" but he went by Lee whereas you're not going to get a glimmer of recognition, even in Cincinnati, if you try to go with Lee Bench.

Get it? Okay Bauxites, whatchagot?