Sarasota Couldn't Hit The Broad Side Of A Carnline

Saturday, July 15 2006 @ 10:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Rob

Aside from Dunedin splitting a doubleheader, Pulaski was the only team who didn't lose last night, and they did some crazy stuff.

Richmond 3 @ Syracuse 2

A "Wayne Lydon home run" (reached on error, stole second, two groundouts) scored the first run for the Chiefs in the bottom of the first. Unfortunately, when he came up in the ninth with the tying run on third, the winning run on second and an extra guy just there for the hell of it on first, he grounded out to end the game.

The third run for Richmond came in the top of the ninth, when their third baseman hit a sac fly. This third baseman was hitting .152/.249/.179 before last night's game. So why is he in AAA? Well, he's in the Braves' system; check out his name.

Oh, and someone named Frasor pitched 1.1 scoreless innings to lower his ERA Divided By Brian Tallet's ERA (ERADBBTERA) to 0.15.

New Hampshire 3 @ New Britain 8

It wasn't Jesse Litsch's best outing, to say the least and David Smith had a 3-run double when the game was already 8-zip. That's about it.

Sarasota 6 @ Dunedin 2 (Game 1, 7 inn.)

Dunedin left ten men on base in this one, or about 1.4 per inning. Of course, it doesn't help when the other team knocks your starter around for 11 hits in 5.1 innings. A couple of hits from Eric Nielsen (now hitting .290 with little power) is all I can say about Game 1...

Sarasota 0 @ Dunedin 2 (Game 2, 7 inn.)

...but not Game 2. Funny how two runs is enough to win sometimes. Billy Carnline went six, giving up just five baserunners and, obviously, no runs. The D-Jays finally scored in the bottom of the sixth when David Corrente was hit by a pitch and got an RBI the hard way, then Juan Peralta singled home another. Milton Tavarez picked up his 20th save with three strikeouts in the seventh -- he now has 46 Ks, 17 walks and 5 HR in 34 innings, yet has an ERA of 5.82. Figure that one out.

Fort Wayne 7 @ Lansing 5

In a back-and-forth affair in Lansing, the Wizards came out on top when Josh Sowers allowed a couple to score in the seventh, putting Lansing behind for good. Anthony Hatch homered, scored twice, and walked -- he's hitting .330 now with some very good-looking numbers. That is, if numbers can be attractive.

Auburn 3 @ Aberdeen 4

Was every team down by 2 entering the ninth and scored one, losing anyway? Seemed like it, as Benjamin Zeskind doubled and scored in the top of the ninth to make it 4-3. Zeskind came to the plate five times -- sac bunt, single, walk, walk, double. Some great relief work from Wil Aguirre in only his third appearance this year gave the Doubledays a chance, but it went the way of the Ironbirds.

Pulaski 8 @ Johnson City 5

Four in the eighth and two in the ninth gave the P-Jays the win in this one. It all started with a Travis Snider single; he was thrown out at home after that one in the eighth, but did it again and scored in the ninth. Snider went 3-for-4 to raise his average to .302. Paul Franko also had two hits in the last two innings, with Yohermyn Chavez driving in a pair as well.

Pulaski used eight pitchers in a nine-inning game. I don't know they had LOOGYs in Rookie ball.

Three Star Selection
3. Benjamin Zeskind (with a nod to Anthony Hatch)
1. Billy Carnline