Sit And Chatham For A While

Thursday, July 27 2006 @ 08:00 AM EDT

Contributed by: Rob

Rehab in Syracuse, a guy named Ambiorix in Binghamton, Ontario boy does well in Dunedin, rain for Lansing, the empty set of things to discuss with Auburn, and a first-rounder's fifth homer.

Ottawa 9 @ Syracuse 3

Alex Rios started in right field, and he wasn't thrilled with the game. Don't believe me? "My timing is off, and there's nothing I can do about it now...I don't even know what I'm doing out there."  He doubled in the first, grounded out in the third, struck out in the fifth and that was his day. The only ball he didn't get to (from what I could tell) was a grounder through the right side. He should play all nine innings tonight.

Josh Banks must be longing for the days of Double-A. Seven runs (five earned), nine hits, four walks. Davis Romero wasn't enjoying things either, to say the least, though he did throw just 8 balls among his 30 pitches.

New Hampshire 3 @ Binghamton 4

The only thing worse than being in Binghamton is this: 3-1 lead after seven. Two runs scored by the Mets in the eighth. Another run scored in the ninth. So much for Ismael Ramirez, who pitched six innings, giving up just one run and striking out six. Have I mentioned that he should be in AAA?

At least a cool name was front and centre -- Ambiorix Concepcion scored the winning run. Oh, and Ryan Patterson threw a runner out at second who tried to take two on a single to left.

Brevard County 6 @ Dunedin 13

Two doubles and a solo HR for David Corrente? Sure, why not? He drove home four and scored two of the thirteen the D-Jays had last night. Okay, he made a throwing error, but the best Chatham natives screw up every once in a while. Josh Kreuzer homered as well; before last night, he was hitting like Pythagoras, with his AVG/OBP/SLG all over .300/.400/.500.

Russ Savickas allowed six runs, but only one was earned. A night to love your defense.

Auburn 0 @ Vermont 4

In games like these, you scour the game log for interesting tidbits. In this one, six of the last seven Auburn batters of the game went down swinging. Other than that, well...let's see how Pulaski did...

Pulaski 2 @ Danville 6

It was all Travis Snider, who hit a two-run homer in the top of the seventh. Kyle Walter started and it was a night to forget. On the other hand, Danville's Jamie Richmond threw six shutout with three hits and has an ERA of 0.92, three walks and 33 K in 39.1 IP, with nary a homer. So maybe being shut out isn't terrible.

Three Star Selection:
3. Travis Snider
2. Ismael Ramirez
1. David Corrente