Juan Way or Another

Monday, August 21 2006 @ 02:25 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

So we worked up the All-John squad recently (and did so without making a single bathroom joke -- yay Batter's Box!) only to be reminded that there is an alternate way to spell that name, depending on your country of origin.

In fact, it's quite likely that more countries on this planet spell the name "J-U-A-N" than "J-O-H-N" anyway, so let's see about all the Juan Gones and the many Juanderful pitchers we've had in major league history as we meet ...

Juan Way or Another
** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

C Juan Brito (.216, 2002 KCR, 2004 ARI, 194 AB)
1B Juan "Pancho" Herrera (.271, 1958-61 PHI)
2B Juan Samuel* (.259, 161 homers in 16 years)
SS Juan Uribe (.262 through 2005)
3B Juan Castro (.230 in ll years through '05)
RF Juan Gonzalez* (434 homers, two MVPs through 2005)
CF Juan Pierre (.305, 96 SB through 2005)
LF Juan Encarnacion* (.268, 128 homers through 2005)
DH Juan Diaz (2-for-7, 1 homer, 2002 BOS)

C Juan Espino (.219, 1982-86 NYY, 16-for-73)
OF/COR IF Juan Beniquez (.274 in 17 years; '77 Gold Glove)
2B Juan Bonilla (.256, 1981-87)
OF Juan Rivera (.283, 35 homers through 2005)
1B/3B Juan Bernhardt (.238, 1976-79)
IF Juan B. Castillo (.215, 1986-89 MIL)

RHSP Juan Marichal** (243-142, five 20+ win years)
LHSP Juan Pizarro* (131-105, 19-9 in 1964)
RHSP Juan Guzman* (91-79 over 10 years)
LHSP Juan Nieves (32-25, 1986-88 MIL)
RHSP Juan Eichelberger (26-36, 1978-83, '88)

CL-RH Juan Acevedo (53 saves through '05, 28 in '02)
RH-SET Juan Berenguer (67-62, 32 saves in 15 years)
LH-SET Juan Agosto (40-33, 29 saves, 1981-93)
RHRP Juan Rincon (22-20 with MIN through 2005)
RH-LONG Juan Cruz (14-24 through 2005)

2B Juan Melo (1-for-13, 2000 SFG)
2B/SS Juan Rios (.224, 1969 KCR)
SS/3B Juan Guerrero (.200, 25-for-125, 1992 HOU)
3B/OF Juan Delis (.189, 1955 WSH)
OF/IF Juan Sosa (2-for-10, 1999 COL, 2001 ARI)
2B/SS Juan Bell (.212 in 7 seasons)
RHSP Juan Dominguez (5-10 through 2005)
LHRP Juan Alvarez (0-5, 1999-2003)
RHRP Juan Jimenez (4 IP, 1974 PIT)
RHRP Juan F. Castillo (2 G, 11.2 IP, 1994 NYM)
RHRP Juan Cerros (11 G, 13 IP, 2003 CIN)
LHRP Juan Moreno (3-3. 2001 TEX, 4 G with 2002 SDP)
RHRP Juan Padilla (4-1, three teams, through 2005)
RHSP Juan Pena (2-0, 0.69 in two starts for 1999 BOS)

And as always, a few notes ... Five MLB players have had the middle name Juan or had that first name and gone by something else -- but as much as Carlos Juan (Hernandez) Delgado and  Arnaldo Juan "Nardi" Contreras might bolster this team a bit ... it's no way, Jose ... er, make that no, no, Juando ... Just three Juans appeared in a big league uniform before 1971 -- Pizarro, Delis and "Pancho" Herrera, with Delis' 1955 cuppajoe the very first ... 

Juan Bernhardt was an  expansion draft pick of SEA from NYY ... Sure, our starting DH had just seven big league AB, but he had two hits including a double and a homer, so "retired" with a career OPS+ of a Bonds-ian 217 ...  Starting at the hot corner, Castro was admittedly more of a 2B and SS than 3B, but he has played more than 200 games at each position and there were surprising few options ...

Padilla's claim to fame is that he was once traded for Jesse Orosco, at a time Orosco was 46, or an even 20 years older than Padilla ... RHSP Juan Pena was 2-0 with an 0.69 ERA in two starts for the 1999 BOS, meaning his final career ERA+ was merely 732; has anyone ever seen a career number higher than that?