TDIB: A's beat Jays

Tuesday, August 22 2006 @ 08:45 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

When it rains, it pours.

Not one of the organisation's finest days

The Lilly Thing: . Jordan Bastien has a reasoned look at the incident (video included if you haven't seen it) some key quotes:

Lilly: "There were no punches thrown..."
Gibbons: "I wasn't bloodied and he wasn't bloodied. Clarify that -- nobody got bloodied."
Lilly: ""This was a bad day, I embarrassed the organization..."
Lilly and Gibbons both deny making physical contact, whilst the CP photographer claims the two were wrestling before George Poulis jumped in to break things up. So, we don't know what happened, the people who were there can't even agree on what happened and everything else is just supposition. The one thing I'm not buying is that this along with the Hillenbrand incident means anything along the lines of Gibbon's losing the clubhouse, the atmosphere being 'poisoned' or any other assorted piffle. I always think Occam's razor should always be applied to these situations, before we go jumping to silly conclusions.
I'm glad to see Ted Lilly showing some contrition and taking some responsibility for what happened, I'd be more reassured if Gibby was do something similiar, I disagree with Mike Wilner that this is all on Lilly's head.

The Jays lost a pretty whacky game while all this was going on.

Star of the Game: Bobby Kielty had a pretty good game in his old stomping ground. He had three hits a homer and four RBI.

For the Jays: Vernon had another big night at the plate with four hits and three driven in.

Defensive Play of the Game:
Lots of good leather flashed by both teams, which went some way to help out the mostly miserbale pitching. Troy Glaus made some nice plays particularly running in and bare handing a high chopper in the early Innings then throwing in an instant to first to nab Jay Payton. John McDonald was excellent as well and had the best play with a shovel glove pass to Hill in the fifth to start a DP.

Elsewhere in the East: Tampa Bay edged Texas on a strong start by Jamie Shields and an improbable three scoreless bullpen Innings. New York (as you may have heard) completed a five game sweep of Boston and sent Red Sox nation into a predictable and familiar gloomy anger.

Tonight: Burnett against Halsey.