The Corey of the Matter

Thursday, October 12 2006 @ 02:45 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

In a mournful nod to yesterday's sad events, here's a Hall of Names team featuring the men of Major League Baseball named "Cory" -- or since there have only been six (seven if you count the middle-named Christopher Cory Gomez), also "Corey" or in one case "Kory."

Partially in recognition of Cory Lidle's career bookend teams (Mets and Yankees), we can't help but name this squad ...

The (Big) Apple Coreys ...
** indicates Hall of Fame (none)
* indicates All-Star (none! First time in HoN history!)

Even counting middle-named Corys and Coreys (as with the aforementioned Gomez) as well as the five players with the surname "Corey," we have just 19 options for this team. Let's see if we can't put a lineup together ...

C Fred Corey (.246, 1878-85; 3B/RHSP/OF caught one game)
1B Jon Corey Hart (mostly OF; .264 through '06; two games at 1B)
2B Christopher Cory Gomez (mostly SS, .260 through 2006)
SS Cory Snyder (.247, 149 homers in 8 years; mostly OF, 73 G at SS)
3B Corey Koskie (.275, 124 homers through '06)
LF Cory Sullivan (.280 through 2006)
CF Corey Patterson (.257, 86 homer, 131 SB through '06)
RF Mark M. Corey (.211, 1979-81 BAL)

OF Cory Aldridge (0-for-5, 8 games, 2001 ATL)
OF Kory DeHaan (.225 with 2000, '02 SDP)

RHSP Cory Lidle (82-72 in 9 years)
RHSP Travis Corey Driskill (11-13 through 2005)
LHSP Cory Vance (1-3, 2002-03 COL)
RHSP Fred Corey (27-46, 1878-85; starting catcher)

RHRP Cory Bailey (9-10, parts of 1993-2002)
RHRP Bryan Corey (2-1 through 2006)
RHRP Ed Corey (1 G, 2 IP, 1 ER, 1918 CHW)
RHRP Mark F. Corey (2-7 through 2004)
LHRP Corey Lee (1 G, 1 IP, 0-1, 1999 TEX)
RHRP Emerson Corey "Steve" Roser (6-5, 1944-46)
RHRP Corey Thurman (3-4, 2002-03 TOR)

Notes ... Boy, an awfully high percentage of Corys/Coreys have spent time with the Blue Jays ... Lidle is so far and away the best pitcher in MLB Corey history that his 82 career wins outpaces the 61 career wins amassed by the rest of the staff combined ... The #4 starter probably can't ever pitch since he is the starting catcher and the only player on the team to ever appear behind the plate ...

The backstop isn't the only one stretching to make this a full lineup ... Corey Hart (who has the good taste to go by his middle name rather than his given first, Jon, which would've led to any number of "future GM" remarks, has made just two appearances thus far at 1B ... Snyder actually played more than 70 games at shortstop for the Indians, which allows us to move Gomez over to play 2B, so Koskie is the only infielder who mans the position he actually played the most in the majors ... The OF should at least be pretty good defensively, and Patterson or Sullivan could at least conceiveably break the Cor(e)y All-Star drought some day ...

Could anyone in that bullpen take the ball every fourth or fifth day to help out the Lidle-Driskill-Vance rotation, which is already going to be streteched?