Minor League Free Agents

Monday, October 23 2006 @ 10:07 PM EDT

Contributed by: Thomas

Today Baseball America released the most up-to-date list of minor league free agents that I've found on the web. It's complete with some of our favourite names of the past few years, including Frank Menechino (??), Tom Wilson, Alberto Castillo, Gookie Dawkins, one of the Bobby Joneses, Tony Torcato, C.J. Nitkowski and Mac Suzuki.

These players won't be difference makers in 2007 when all is said and done, but a few of them will earn roster spots next year and many more will be in Triple-A as injury backup and roster filler. The Jays had three players signed as minor-league free agents (not including big leaguers signed to minor-league contracts) play for their 2006 club: Chad Mottola and Luis Figueroa (as injury replacement) and, I believe, Kevin Barker (reward for a great season). In 2005 Matt Whiteside and Andy Dominique made appearances, as did Ken Huckaby, who was originally signed as a minor-league free agent in 2002 with a minor detour in Texas and Baltimore in 2004.

So, in the interests of finding a diamond in the rough and at least giving the fans of the SkyChiefs a competitive team, who should the Jays go after? What names on the list spark your interest?