The Jay 40 man roster as we approach the Rule 5 draft

Thursday, November 16 2006 @ 04:23 AM EST

Contributed by: Mike Green

Every two decades or so, a very significant player changes hands in the Rule 5 draft which takes place at the winter meetings next week. Johan Santana, George Bell and Roberto Clemente are the three big names. Due to changes in the rules in the newly negotiated collective bargaining agreement, this will likely be a slow year for the Rule 5 draft. Here is a primer on the rules prior to the changes, and here is a summary of the changes. Formerly, most college players would have to be placed on the 40 man roster within 3 years of their signing or else they would be eligible to be chosen in the Rule 5 draft, whereas most high school players would have to be placed on the 40 man roster within 4 years of their signing or else be eligible. Under the new CBA, the time for most college players has been extended to 4 years and for most high school players to 5 years. This change has a number of implications for player development, but for today, let's see how the Jays' 40 man roster looks with the Rule 5 draft in mind.

Currently, the Jay 40 man roster has 35 players on it. The following players are not on the 40 man roster, are eligible for selection in the Rule 5 draft and made our top 30 prospect lists: Jamie Vermilyea, Dustin Majewski and Robinzon Diaz. It is unlikely that any of these players would be taken if they are not added to the roster at the last minute. I expect that there will be very little, if any, action during this year's draft. This is a transition year as a result of the CBA changes. Next year's Rule 5 draft will probably be more interesting.