Sickels on the Jays

Saturday, December 09 2006 @ 11:00 PM EST

Contributed by: Pistol

John Sickels has been posting top 20 prospect lists over at his website. The Jays top 20 prospects list is his most recent one.  His summary:

The Blue Jays In One Sentence: Toronto has two outstanding bats, but the system drops off quickly after that, as the pitchers with the best stuff lack command, and the pitchers with the best command lack stuff.

As you can tell by his grades Sickels is really high on both Lind and Snider. I was a little surprised that he went as high as he did with both. I thought Lind might get knocked down a bit for his defense and I thought Snider might not have enough of a record to be that high. I can't think of too many instances where Sickels has rated given an A- to a mid first round draft pick in the year he was drafted.

On the down side Sickels isn't a Rosario believer, ranking him a grade C and #16 overall. I think he's a B- player, and is at least a top 10 player in the system. Looking at the Minor League Crew's voting there were 3 that had him 5th, 1 at 6th, 1 at 7th and one at 10th, placing him 6th overall.