More Signings

Wednesday, January 10 2007 @ 09:00 PM EST

Contributed by: Pistol

John Thomson (and his good buddy at the Sun, John Thompson) wasn't the only one to sign recently.

Mulder re-signs with the Cards and the SS Loogy signs with the Mets. Apparently Schoeneweis isn't worried about Paul LoDuca.

Why do I bring this up? The draft picture gets a little clearer now:

#16 (from the Rangers - locked in now)
#21 (own 1st round pick)
#42 (for Speier - locked in now)
#55 (for Cat - pick will be no worse than #56)
#61 (for Lilly - pick will be no worse than #62)
#85 (own 2nd round pick - pick will be no worse than #89)
#88 (from the Angels - pick will be no worse than #92)
Ron Villone, David Wells, Chan Ho Park and Max Scherzer are the only players that can change things now. Wells is likely to sign with the Padres or retire and Scherzer is expected to sign before the draft. That should leave the Jays no worse than #90 with the Angels picks. That gives the Jays 7 of the top 90 picks in the 07 draft.