5 May 2007: Fearful Symmetry

Saturday, May 05 2007 @ 06:33 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The Blue Jays are stumbling. Call for the Doctor.

Roy Halladay goes after his 100th career win, in Texas. At least Kevin Mench won't be around. And despite going winless in May, and falling to 13-16, the Jays are still ahead of the Yankees.

You take comfort where you find it.

Alas, the Cubs have a better record than the Blue Jays, which is always deeply disturbing to me. The Other Zambrano was involved.

Meanwhile, in the South Western Desert, a 43 year old left hander delivered a pitch. And a 48 year old first baseman hit it out of the park. There's something that hasn't happened before. Julio Franco, needless to say, is still the oldest man to homer in the major leagues.

And speaking of old folks...  the Braves and Red Sox both won last night, which they often do on Days Ending with the Letter "Y" - and the starting pitchers were John Smoltz and Tim Wakefield.

When's the TBBL starting up?