The Future Will Be Televised

Monday, May 07 2007 @ 01:24 PM EDT

Contributed by: Pistol

The draft will be on ESPN2 this year. Baseball now has moved into the 21st century - thanks for joining the rest of us!

June 7th is the big day (a month from today!?!) beginning at 2 pm and each team will get 5 minutes to make a pick. (Under the current format teams typically made their pick within one minute over a conference call).

I've always wondered how hockey could televise their draft but baseball couldn't. Aren't the two sports pretty similar in terms of player development? You draft a player at 18 or 20, and it takes a few years to make it to the Big Show.

The Jays have two first round picks - their own at 21 and the Rangers' pick at 16. With compensation picks for lost free agents the Jays have 7 picks in the top 100 of the draft.

Keith Law's latest draft notes mention that the Jays are looking at Vanderbilt closer Casey Weathers who's considered to be one of the more major league ready players available in the draft. If you click on the link you can see that he's close to untouchable - 11 hits in 36 innings.

The Jays have also been mentioned to a couple hjgh school SSs - Peter Kozma (OK) and Ryan Dent (CA), but those would probably be sandwich round picks.