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Sunday, June 24 2007 @ 08:30 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

According to, baseball history has thus far seen 26 men with the family name "Phillips" -- that's not including the middle-named John Phillips Jenkins Sensenderfer or the first-named Phillips Steere Paine.

The list includes exactly zero Hall of Famers, not even any All-Stars, but 26 is more than a typical roster of 25 (though to be fair, two of them were "just" managers in the bigs, so we are starting at 24), so it's at least theoretically possible we will be able to "Phil" up this team. Let's see ...

Um, nope. Though we'll be able to fill out a legitimate lineup card, since there have been three Phillips who were catchers and no less than five who primarily played first base (not to mention one who was apparently strictly a pre-Herb Washington Pinch Runner), the bench will be a bit less than versatile ...

In fact, since there have only been eight men surnamed "Phillips" who have pitched in the major leagues, we'll open the door a crack for Deacon Phillipe, who, oh by the way, had nearly twice as many career wins (189-99) as everyone else on the pitching staff combined ... Yikes, that pitching staff is composed of an entirely right-handed rotation and all but the "closer" are righties in the bullpen as well ...

Anyway, let's figure out what that obscure headline above refers to as we go ahead and meet ...

** indicates Hall of Famer (none)
* indicates All-Star (none of those, either)

MGR Lefty Phillips (222-224, 1969-71 CAL)
Coach Horace Phillips (338-415, 1879, '82-89, three teams)
Player/Coach Bill C. Phillips (114-92, 1914 Indianapolis, '15 Newark in Fed League)

C Eddie D. Phillips (six seasons, six teams, .237, parts of '24-35)
1B Jack D. Phillips (.283, 1947-52, '55-57)
2B Brandon Phillips (.276/17/5, 25 SB in 2006)
SS Marr Phillips (.239, four teams, 1884-85, '90)
3B Damon Phillips (also SS; .250, parts of 1942, '44, '46)
LF John "Bubba" Phillips (mostly 3B; .255, 1955-64)
CF Adolfo Phillips (.247, 1964-72)
RF Tony Phillips (2023 hits, 1982-99; did all but C, P)
DH Bill B. Phillips (.266, 1879-88, mostly 1B; C 12 games)

C Paul Phillips (.270 with KCR through 2006)
C/1B Jason Phillips (.250 through 2006)
IF Mike Phillips (SS/2B/3B, .240, five teams, 1973-83)
1B/UTIL Andy Phillips (.225 in spot duty through 2006)
1B Dick Phillips (.229, parts of 1962-64, '66)
1B Charles Gene "J.R." Phillips (.188, 1993-99)
PR Howard "Eddie" Phillips (9 games, 4 runs with '52 STL)

RHSP Deacon Phillippe (189-109, 1899-1912)
RHSP Bill C. Phillips (70-76, 1890, '95, 1899-1903)
RHP Tom Phillips (8-12, three teams, 1915, '19, '21-22; 15 starts)
RHP Red Phillips (4-4, 6.42, 1934, '36 DET; 7 starts)
RHP Jason C. Phillips (1-4, 1999 PIT, 2002-03 CLE; 6 starts)

LHRP Taylor Phillips (16-22, 6 saves, four teams, 1956-60, '63)
RHRP Brandon "Buz" Phillips (0-0, 8.06 in 14 games w/'30 PHI)
RHRP Ed Phillips (0-2, 5.32, 1970 BOS)
RHRP John "Jack" Phillips (10.38 ERA in one game with '45 NYG)

Coming soon, then ... the Bizarro World Phillips team, one that we know will have many fewer "L's" -- at least in the given first names of its players, many of whom go by "Philip" ... We'll even see some All-Stars (Bradley, Cavaretta, Garner, Masi, Navin, Regan) and Hall of Famers (Niekro, Rizzuto) on that squad.

Until then, here's hoping you've had your "Phil" of the Hall of Names!