BBFL week 21

Tuesday, August 28 2007 @ 07:58 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

As the BBFL enters the final week of the regular season there is still a lot at stake.

Congratulations to Billie's Bashers, the Magic 9, Ghost Man on Third, the Eastern Shore Birds, Baseball North, Schroedinger's Bat, the K-Town Mashers and the Garth Iorg Gremlins who all clinched playoff spots this week.

Eight playoff spots are still up for grabs, in Alomar veteran teams the Halos, Walrus and Hammers should be fighting for the final two places, with AGF still having a shot with a big week. In Barfield the Wedding Singers look be to be odds-on for the fifth spot, with the Wonders, Elitists, Monkeymen and force battling for sixth. The Carter division is the most wide open with (at least) seven teams all eyeing the final four playoff spots. In Alomar and Barfield some of us are more worried about relegation than the playoffs, my ragtag bunch are in eleventh in Alomar but another week like the drubbing I got from W-A-M-C-O last week and I could be swaeting it out over the weekend hoping to avoid shaming the office of commish with relegation, although the cannibal's are currently in the final relegation spot a good week by them and seven other teams are within 7 games of the final three. In Barfield two of the bottom three spots still look to be decided, and it will be a nail biting week there too.

Thanks to all the owners who have sent in their league payments (and a gentle reminder to those who haven't).