World's Biggest Jays Fan Passes Away

Monday, January 07 2008 @ 07:32 PM EST

Contributed by: #2JBrumfield

If anyone could lay claim to the title of "World's Biggest Jays Fan", it was her.

If you have been to Jays games on a regular or even semi-regular basis over the years, you would have seen her at some point - in her seat behind home plate on the 500 level, on the concourse at the Rogers Centre or, on quite a few occasions, on the jumbo tron.  She'd proudly wear her World's Biggest Fan jersey with her plethora of pins and her big smile.  Amersia Thompson passed away January 3rd at the age of 37. 

Her love for the Blue Jays was documented indirectly by the Toronto Star last May.  I did not know her personally but the missus had chatted with her on a few occasions.  She remembers her as someone who was bright and vivacious, and exactly the kind of fan that made being at a Jays game a unique and happy experience.  

Condolences to her family and friends.  She will be missed. 

Thanks to Bauxite VBF for the heads-up.