BBFL Rules Voting and Roster Choices

Monday, February 25 2008 @ 08:19 AM EST

Contributed by: Gwyn

We have some rule proposals to vote on and lots of owner movement.

New Off Season Calendar

Due to the pesky games in Japan (are they on regular TV btw?) we have to alter our Calendar a little bit, I've shortened the rule voting period a tad so we still get a decent trade window (I didn't want to overlap the two as the rule proposals on keepers will affect trade decisions):

Feb 14 through Mar 2: Ownership/roster decsions
Feb 18 through Feb 25: Rule proposals and discussion
Feb 25 through Feb 29: Rule voting
Mar 2 through Mar 14: Off-Season Trading Window
Mar 14: Announce Keepers
Mar 20: Draft

We will now draft on March 20th, I wanted to keep the Thursday at 9pm timing since that has seemed to work for most people in the past. Yahoo says that Week One will take place over a two week period to accomodate the Japanese Games and the 'normal' first week of the Season.

Rule Proposals

Returning BBFL team owners may now vote on the proposition, which is split into two parts (The proposal regarding a shortened waiver period was never seconded, to my knowledge).

1: Should the BBFL increase the number of keepers allowed for each team from the present 5 ?

Vote Yes or NO

1.1: If the number of keepers are increased , should the number be 6 or 7 (vote even if you voted "no" on (1) ?

Vote 6 or 7

1.2: If the number of keepers are increased should the new figure take effect for the 2008 or 2009 season (vote evn if voted "no" on (1) ?

Vote 2008 or 2009

2: Should the BBFL increase the period it is allowed to keep a player up from the present three years ?

Vote Yes or No

2.1: If the number of years allowed to keep a player is increased what should it be increased to (vote even if you noted "no" on 2)?

Vote 4 or 5

3: The BBFL does not presently limit the number of waiver/free-agent transactions an owner can make each year. Should the league institute a maximum number of transactions?

Vote yes or no.

3.1: What should be the maximum permitted number of waiver/free-agent transactions per season vote even if you voted no on (3).

a) 60
b) 80
c) 100

The second part of this proposal, which has three options, will be voted on via the Borda Count Method. In voting for such propositions, owners must rank each option from most favored to least favored, so:

Vote: a,b,c (in order of preference)

4: Should the BBFL replace the Innings Pitched Stat category with Holds?

Vote Yes or No

To vote, send an email to bbfl at gwynprice dot com, please use the subject "BBFL rule ballot". You must your put your team name in the message for your vote to be valid so I can keep track of who has and hasn't voted. Use this forum to discuss your vote, the upcoming season, or whatever.

Voting ends at 11:59pm PST, Friday Feb 29th. Ill post the results the next day, and the trading window will open March 7 assuming the league has full ownership.

New Owners And Orphaned Rosters

Alomar and Barfield have their full complement of owners.

I have sent out emails to the owners in new divisions to claim their rosters. We have five new (and in some cases returning) teams in Alomar and nine in Barfield. When making your choices remember you are inheriting a roster and a place in the draft.

There will be ten new BBFL owners in 2008 in the Carter Division. I have sent invitations out to: Dave Rutt, Anders, squiggy, Manhattan Mike, budgell, sanjay, zao, uncle jim and Alex Obal (David Longe is already in).
If I don't get responses from any of the above invitees next on the list are: joemayo, youngid, christaylor, EdmontonMarc, SherryStar, Spicol and ds.
New owners do not get to choose among orphaned rosters, sorry. They will be assigned by order of 2007 finish, which is to say, the highest ranking member of the waiting list will get the highest ranked team available, and so on down the line.

If you haven't received any of the above emails and you think you should have please email me at bbfl at gwynprice dot com, ASAP.

Please get responses for everything to do with rosters to me by the end of Wednesday, I'd like everyone to know their rosters well before the trading window opens on Sunday.