TDIB: April 1 - Opening Day, Take II

Tuesday, April 01 2008 @ 08:30 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pistol

The Jays are still undefeated!

After being rained out yesterday the Jays will try again today. Gibbons indicated that the lineup will remain the same so Matt Stairs will sit. It seems the Jays anticipated Stairs wouldn't be able to duplicate 2007, either by performance or health, and kept Stewart because of his ability to hit RHPs better than Johnson.

The rain out also extended the time for the Jays and Rios to reach a contract extension. Well, not really, but it's being worked on. There's apparently no opt-out clause in the contract. This shouldn't be a suprise for someone three years from free agency, but you never know with Ricciardi.

There was talk of locking up Aaron Hill this spring as well, but nothing happened on that front, and Buster Olney had a unsourced bullet that it wasn't happening.