TDIB 23 April 2008

Wednesday, April 23 2008 @ 11:32 AM EDT

Contributed by: Dave Rutt

Recently, WPA has become a favourite stat to evaluate relievers. Care to guess which reliever is leading the majors so far in WPA?

If you guessed Jesse Carlson, you'd be... wrong. Papelbon is actually leading the majors, but Carlson is second. But he was first last night, I swear!

In other news:

-Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Guillen are switching positions
-Did you know they have I just found out about it yesterday. Apparently the 800+ games you can watch are mostly AAA, but there are also 8000+ radio broadcasts available. It costs 30 bucks.
-Pistol demands a Free Adam Lind!
-Albert Pujols made his MLB debut at second base last night!