No Strikeouts for Snider

Sunday, May 04 2008 @ 09:28 PM EDT

Contributed by: braden

You know what makes you feel like an idiot?  When you accidentally delete a Minor League Report, mere seconds before publishing it.  No, I hadn't saved a draft.  Yes, I know how important it is to do so.  Thanks for mentioning it.

In any event, let me tell you: it was good stuff.  Revolutionary, even.  Just take my word that this was one of the better articles you'd have ever had the pleasure of reading.  Buzz Bizzinger himself would have changed his tune on Internet writing had he seen it.  And now it's gone.  And I don't have it in me to hammer it all out again.  So, with that said, here comes an abridged version of all four games, with exactly seventy-five words devoted to each.


Pawtucket 6  Syracuse 2

David Purcey was good.  The bullpen was not.  Purcey managed six frames of two-run, six strikeout ball, only to leave trailing 2-1.  By the time he got out of the shower, Bubba Nelson and Mike Gosling had let things get completely out of hand allowing four runs on five hits in the seventh.

Buck Coats homered and Sergio Santos had an RBI double.  Oh, and Mike MacDonald provided two innings of shaky but scoreless relief.


New Hampshire 5   New Britain 6

Two different Ricky Romeros.  Bad:  Three runs, five hits, with one out in the first.   Good:  Sixteen of next seventeen retired.  Take that, Troy Tulowitzki!  Ricky left after seven: 7H, 4R, 1BB, 6K.  No relief, though as New Britain walked off with two in the ninth.

Offensively Anthony Hatch homered, Jacob Butler and Scott Campbell each drove in two.  And Travis Snider made contact.  0-for-3 without any strikeouts for 2009 AL Rookie of the Year.


Dunedin 0   Vero Beach 2

Four singles and a walk was all the offense could provide.  Chris Emanuele had two hits.  Everyone else should have stayed home.

Gustavo Chacin made his best rehab start going five innings, allowing seven hits, two runs, two walks while striking out just one.  Clearly, old Gus still needs some Amy Winehouse-level rehabilitation.  The bullpen was perfect for the final three innings but it was hardly worth their while.  Need more words.  Uh, screw Flanders


Beloit 1   Lansing 4

Randy Boone ran his scoreless inning streak to fifteen in working seven frames with an unearned run on six hits with four strikeouts.  No decision, though as Lansing put up three in the eighth.  Edgar Estanga picked up the win.

Justin Jackson starred at the plate going 3-for-4 with a double, triple and two RBI.  .942 OPS now for the 2011 AL Rookie of the Year.  Matthew Liuzza also drove in two with a double.