BBFL Week 8

Monday, May 26 2008 @ 08:24 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

A look at the BBFL as we enter the second third of the fantasy season.

Only the Pohnpei Papayas hold a big lead as the Alomar and carter divisions remain a little more closely contested.  Although the competition is all in one family at the top of Alomar, whilst barfield is far more open with half a dozen teams a godd week away from top spot.  The relegation fight in Alomar and Barfield is far more intense, with in total eleven teams just five games away from the dreaded 18th spot, a weekend flier on Sparky helped my Mebion Glyndwr climb, temporarily no doubt, out of the bottom three.

In the coveted moves category it is no surprise for BBFL veterans to see the two names at the top, but a couple of Carter owners are making some noise too.
All Teams with over 40 transactions:

Toronto Walrus 73
Magic Nine 64
Randy Wolves 56
Schroedingers Bat 53
Wedding SIngers 45

The Walrus are on a pace for 200 transactions in the regular season, which would shatter the current record held by the Chatsworth Halos from Season Three of 189.