Jays 9, Yankees 3

Wednesday, June 04 2008 @ 02:10 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

Did Yankees fans enjoy last night's game? Let's check in at Bronx Banter and Replacement Yankees Weblog

JL25and3 - "Joba Joba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us."

OldYanksFan- Anybody excited?

williamnyy23 - It is exciting, but in a weird way. The Yankees are serious need of some wins, and are essentially employing a formula that gives them little chance to win tonight. Who says you can't rebuild in NY?

- Joba overthrowing a bit?

DaPuj - Joba does understand that his pitchcount was supposed to be spread over more than one inning, right?

monkeypants - And he could have been out of it with Rolen's 73-hopper past Giambi.

51cq24 - Well, Giambi doesn't like to run towards ground balls

Zack - God I love triples...

RIYank - JD is showing Shannon Stewart the proper way for the lead-off man to get to third.

monkeypants - Whoa..when did Giambi grow the funny 'stache? And when did he learn to hit to the left side?

cult of basebaal
- Ah, bless little robbie. If at first you don't succeed while hacking at 1st pitches, hack, hack, hack away

RIYank - See, Melky is capable of learning, making real progress. Unfortunately he's using the wrong role model at the moment.

Zack - Hey look at that Bobby! Did you not realize the wall was there or something?

51cq24 - What! He must have thought the wall was way behind him.

Clay Hoadley (LA) - the Yanks are pulling out all the stops for Joba today, Giambi going the other way, Abreu at the wall. Crazy!

williamnyy23 - This is where the game stops being exciting and gets very scary.

RIYank - For some reason Molina likes to have a runner on third base, I guess.

nick - Sterling is just shocked that Toronto has scored a single run without a hit, twice....could somebody check bb-ref and see if this has ever happened before?

RIYank - Godzilla rules.

Just fair - There's Matsui. Not resting on his laurels and continuing to try.

RIYank - He's our most morally admirable player. Japanese players are virtuous and honorable, you know.

Yankees Brasil - Looking at the pitching matchups in this series, there's a pretty good chance the Yankees will be swept. I hope it doesn't happen, but it's a real possibility.

fgasparini - It’s amazing how often it happens--a player who makes a lousy defensive play in one half-inning doesn’t do a thing offensively in the next half-inning.

williamnyy23 - It might be mean, but I would make Molina take all pitches in a 3-ball count.

Dave S. - From Gameday, it looked like the ump was squeezing Joba. Was he?

SG - There were some tight pitches but Halladay’s getting the same zone. Joba’s command was definitely not good.

old thurman fan - Roy not happy either. He actually deserves close calls.

Schteeve - To me Jeter looks tentative at the plate, and on the bases. I've never seen it from him before, so I think he's hurt. Either that, or he's pissed off about Torre.

OldYanksFan - That ain't helping, but I agree his problems are mental... attitude. I believe he is pissed that ARod is now a true Yankee and will be for TEN years. For 10 years it has been 'Jeter and the Yankees', 'Jeter's team','the guy you build a team around'. No more. Now, it is ARod the MVP. The contract. The 800 HRs. It is not just Derek's OPS. His baserunning, clutch hitting and general 'baseball awareness' are nowhere to be found. The Jeter era is over. We all sense this. Maybe he does too.

nick - If Jeter's girlfriends start to get less hot, that'll be the key indicator...

- Halladay is just getting stronger.

williamnyy23 - The 1925 Yankees with Ruth and Gehrig went 69-85 amid a long run of great success. I wonder what the blogs were saying back then?

nick - Send Gehrig down--he's not ready! Babe is 30 and fat--history tells us his decline phase is imminent...can we deal him for an 8th inning guy?

OldYanksFan - Silly you. There were no blogs on the Internet back then.

SF Yanks - Now would be a good time for one of Jose's early season doubles.

Jonathan - Watching Halladay pitch to Molina is like watching a cat play with a cockroach.

SF Yanks - I said double, not double PLAY. Damn.

RIYank - Maybe a new prescription for Edwar?

old thurman fan - Big spot for Edwar. Does he want to send me to bed or not?

old thurman fan - He does. Good evening men.

williamnyy23 - The Yankees look a lot like the teams they used to crush.

Max - Veras pours the gasoline, Edwar ignites the flame. Just like we drew it up.

Don - No sense keeping this game close.

Mr OK Jazz TOKYO - double by Scappy McEckstein...i'm going to be sick...

williamnyy23 - Come on Bobby...pad your stats here.

randym77 - The Jays seem to have solved their "not scoring runs" problem, at least tonight.

Don - It’s all Joe Torre’s fault....

Yankees Brasil - Who's pitching tomorrow?