TDIB 10 July 2008

Wednesday, July 09 2008 @ 10:52 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

3 shortstops + 2 catchers = 9 runs.  Who knew?

Jays pip the O's 9-8. This one started off quietly and then all hell broke lose in the middle Innings. A.J was kind enough to give any watching scouts a good luck at good A.J and bad A.J, he cruised through five and then it all fell apart for him in the sixth, with seven Orioles coming to the plate Burnett got just one of them out - giving up six runs - before Cito lifted him for Killer Carlson. Luckily the Jays had had their own big inning a little earlier, getting to Olson for seven in the fourth. The Jays hung on, and got what was utlimately a big break when a phantom tag by Barajas on Huff on a play at the plate was ruled an out.

Wednesdays with JP highlights (I missed the early stages):

* Continues to defend the club - 'go talk to the scouts who come to watch us...nobody around baseball thought this was a last place team'.

* McGowan has a tear in his shoulder 'in the cuff area', they will let it calm down then the doctor will look at it, hopefully it won't require surgery, but that's not known yet. A lot of pitchers have tears and play with them or successfully rehab them, surgery is not a given it all depends on how serious it is.

* Charlie Wholestaff is likely to start on Sunday, it might be Purcey if they can bring him up and keep him up for a while. (Sounds like if they know before Sunday that McGowan will be going on the DL then Purcey will come up and stay up for a while, if McGowan isn't going on the DL then they're not going to bring Purcey up for a day and send him straight back down).

* Matt Stairs will play all nine positions today

* Young players are in vogue, he hear's 'untouchable' more about prospects than established major leaguers than he used to from other GMs.

* Off the cuff comment about the A's-Cubs trade - Beane 'values the control of Gallacher over anything else...can only control Harden for another yea has control over Gallacher for six years.'

Game Day: Guthrie against Parrish. 7:07PM EST