TDIB 11 July 2008: Wells Out

Friday, July 11 2008 @ 11:19 AM EDT

Contributed by: Anders

The Jays win a thriller to get within two games of .500, but lose Vernon Wells in the process. D'oh.

The Jays struck often in the late innings, so hey, maybe this Cito thing is taking off. Adam Lind came through in the clutch this time, with the most valuable hit of the Jays season in terms of WPA.

The bad news, however, is that Vernon is out four to six weeks with a strained hamstring/hyperextended knee. Kevin Mench is up to replace him and hopefully destroy left handers.

On a more positive note, Dustin McGowan's shoulder injury is not as bad as previously feared (see above link), and he may not have to have surgery, if the Jays are to be believed (I will admit this is a big if).

Lastly, perhaps the most devastating injury on the night was me busting up my leg while playing beer league softball. I was out for about five minutes, but as a result this morning's TDIB was a little late. Oh, the humanity.

Yankees in town tonight, with Joba Chamberlain taking on Roy Halladay. It should be a doozy.