BBFL week 18

Monday, August 04 2008 @ 10:50 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

Just four regular season weeks left and the battle hots up.

My Mebion Glyndwr were destroyed on Sunday by the Senators and I'm now in a last gasp battle with AGF this week for the dreaded last relegation spot. Elsewhere in Alomar W-A-M-C-O lost 11-1 to Slippery Pete and slipped to sixth, there are no five teams within 5.5 games of the final playoff spot. In Barfield Chico's Bail Bonds moved themselves close to playoff contention with an 11-1 win over the Blue Sox and the London Tigers pulled out a 10-2 victory over the Thunderbirds in their effort to haul tjemselves out of the relegation spots. While In Carter The Wedding Singers moved into a two game lead with a 11-1 @ss kicking of the @sskickers and All Brain No Brauns pulled themselves into a three way toe for the last two playoff spots with a 10-1 win over the Hunters.

R Billie if you're out there please check in at league HQ or send me an email, thanks.