11 September 2008

Wednesday, September 10 2008 @ 11:26 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

The streak is over, but the Jays did not go gentle into that good night.

The Jays weren't in this one for most of the night, but chipped away at an early Sox lead in the later Innings. They came into the ninth down 6-2. Inglett, Rolen, Overbay and Scutaro took the fight to Bobby Jenks and got the score to 6-5. That brought up Alex Rios, who's been on fire recently, with two out and a runner on third. Jenks got him though on a checked swing, after a bit of chin music seemed to have Alex a bit rattled.


* Cito's the best at picking up opposing pitcher's pitches he's been around. There hasn't been a pitcher they've faced yet he hasn't picked up at least one pitch.
* Prepared either way with AJ. With the pitching depth he thinks they can handle it if he goes.
* Asked about free agents he was very non-committal. Wilner asked him about Snider's progress and whether that affected things and he hedged on that one too, 'he's still a kid', 'taking the proper evaluation process' etc.
* Better idea of the payroll and how much is available for free agents by the end of the World Series, when he gets some firm direction on the budget from Rogers.
* When Cito came in there was a collective deep breathe on the club which he thinks is a large part of the change in results after Gibby left.
* Thought this was a 90+ win club going into the season.
* Doesn't read the papers, although sometimes things are brought to his attention. Doesn't have a preference for any of the writers [ yeah, right ]. As for 'scoops' going to the Globe, 'sometimes guys call you on the right day, or talk to you at the right time, so they get the news first'
* Janssen will be ready for the start of the season. He's Hopeful that he or McGowan will break from ST with the club.
* Trying to expand the draft budget, thinks the international money has really blown out of proportion and they should be putting more money into the draft. [ I'm paraphrasing I think that's what he meant ]

Game Day: Marcum against Floyd 8:11PM.