25 Sept 2008.

Wednesday, September 24 2008 @ 10:46 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

So fourth place it is.

I missed most of this one, it seems to have been a bit of a pitching duel, which is fitting I suppose for what is likely A.J's last game in a Jays shirt.  I hope the faithful at the RC game him a big hand for his 8 Inning, 2 run, 11 K outing.  I got in just in time to see Killer Carlson have a bit of a meltdown in the 10th that was capped by a Bobby Abreu grand slam, but as Wilner said after the game 'Jesse Carlson is entitled' after the terrific season he's had.

* They will talk to AJ over the playoff period about coming back.  J.P likes AJ's agent who's easy to work with and 'honest and open'. 
* There are 4 lefties on the way - will be interesting who makes the next step first.  Mills is probably a year away, but he's taken huge steps this year, Ricky Romero has really started to turn the corner.
* Arencibia was up in Toronto visiting Snyder, so they got a uniform on him and had him take BP with the big leaguers. He seemed to impress Wilner at least. 
* Offered Carpenter the same deal as St Louis did, he just wanted to try a new organisation. [I never knew that]
* Aaron Hill expects to be told tomorrow that he can start working out in two weeks.
* Theres no exact science to how many Innings the young arms should throw.  They increased Purey's workload by 100 Innings after he was injured last year, and JP thinks they were verging on going too far with him.
* Anaheim are his pick for the WS based on home field advantage.
* Hill is likely to stay at second, too much to ask him to move to short after the problems he's had this year.
* Likes the WBC, but doesn't like timing of it.
* Mentioned Doc, Wells, Scutaro, Rios, Downs, Campbell, Richmond are all likely to be playing for their countries next spring.
* Likes to use his own observation for measuring defense, he clearly is not very interested in the defensive metrics available. 'I just prefer to trust my eyes when it comes to defense'.
* Expects BJ to be a lot better next year after he has some more time back from injury.

Game Day:  Doc goes for win number 20 against in the season finale against Carl Pavano.  RC 7:07PM.